Architectural Component Demo
This is a demo of the browser preview of the new HTML5 Font standard.
HTML5 has proposed a new standard to define fonts using the @fontface CSS directive. Once standardized this should allow for more creativity in font selection. Support for this directive is still evolving and therefore browser support is not yet standardized. The purpose of this demo is to allow experimentation with your favorite browsers.
Currently, the primary difference among browsers is the support for font formats. This reference WebFonts summarizes the current differences among browsers and possible work-arounds. Displaying complex graphics with text is still more stable using image files created with PhotoShop or GIMP.
HTML5 Fonts
Birmingham Open Font
CircleD Open Font
Disintegration Open Font
Klaudia Book Open Font
NASALiza Open Font
OpenBaskerville Open Font
Roddenberry Open Font
YanoneKaffeesatz-Thin Open Font